AS/400 is a robust and relevant platform that requires knowledge and expertise to run properly.  If you and your team are considering an upgrade, expansion, migration or just need assistance with routine maintenance we can help.  AETS has engineers with over 20 years of experience supporting the AS/400 platform that can provide valuable guidance and assistance to your organization.
Our areas of expertise:

AS400 Upgrade Services
Does upgrading to V6R1 have you a little stressed?  How should I get it done, why should I do it, what will I gain by doing it?  Because this upgrade is a version and code conversion and not a simple version migration, what risks am I facing?  

At AETS, we have over 20 years of experience with the iSeries / AS400 platform and would like to offer our assistance in planning, testing, and helping your upgrade to V6R1. 

AS400 / iSeries Hosting
The cloud is quickly becoming the standard for users considering a state-of-the-art level of hosting for production and test/dev workloads.  The AETS AS400 / iSeries hosting environment consists of scalable resources and packages to support all enterprise sizes from large too small.  The environment runs 7 x 24 on a high-performance, secure, production-ready cloud environment built on enterprise-class IBM hardware and software.

High Availability for AS400 / iSeries
AETS offers its managed availability services for a monthly subscription fee and creates and maintains a mirror of your mission-critical systems and data.  We help to ensure that your systems have redundancies in place to failover immediately without interruption.  Whether you experience a power outage, face a natural disaster or simply fall victim to human error, your business won’t miss a beat.

If you would like to talk to an AS400 / iSeries expert, click here!