Fully managed replication services for IBM Power, iSeries/AS400

AETS offers its managed availability services for a monthly subscription fee and creates and maintains a mirror of your mission-critical systems and data.  We help to ensure that your systems have redundancies in place to failover immediately without interruption.  Whether you experience a power outage, face a natural disaster or simply fall victim to human error, your business won’t miss a beat.

Our managed High Availability services for IBM Power, iSeries/AS400 are delivered in carrier-class data centers which meet regulatory and compliance requirements for businesses in the financial, healthcare, legal, and life science industries.  The facilities are equipped with redundant power, 24×7 security, data-grade HVAC, fire suppression, an independent water supply, and telecom routes from many major metropolitan areas.

With AETS, you no longer need to choose between availability and affordability.  We offer two types of Managed Availability services:  Traditonal HA and Power HA, to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Traditional HA:
Small and medium-sized businesses finally have cost-effective access to best-in-class replication technologies with our subscription-based high availability offering.  AETSs Traditional HA services run over hosted servers and utilize journaling where software “records” the activity on the primary system, which is then sent to “software” on the redundant system and then applied to the disk drives.

The key advantages of our Traditional HA services are the real-time replication, quick restoration of data, its hardware agnostic, there are minimal monitoring of storage requirements, and it’s cost effective.

AETS’s PowerHA solution expands on our Traditional HA offering by ….  PowerHA disaster recovery and replication services are built in to protect critical hardware, software and systems in the event of a system failure.

The PowerHA solution delivers all of the functionality of a Traditional HA solution, but also:

  • Replicates at the IASP level
  • Makes use of IBM Clustering and Switched-disk technology
  • Guarantees no data-loss between production and replication
  • Supports different host-based and SAN-based replication methods
  • Offers Metro Mirror, Global Mirror, Geo Mirror, and Flash Copy Services
(some features listed above are only offered in the Enterprise Edition)

PowerHA is offered as a subscription service, as an optional add-on to the Traditional HA infrastructure.

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