OS/400 Upgrades

Does upgrading to V6R1 have you a little stressed?  How should I get it done, why should I do it, what will I gain by doing it?  Because this upgrade is a version and code conversion and not a simple version migration, what risks am I facing?  

At AETS, we have over 20 years of experience with the iSeries / AS400 platform and would like to offer our assistance in planning, testing, and helping your upgrade to V6R1. 

Why should I upgrade?

As of May 2012, support has been withdrawn for software version V5R4M0.  Support from IBM can continue, however the costs  for support will rise dramatically for anyone still running on V5R4M0. 

Why do I need help?

The OS version change to V6R1M0 is a CONVERSION and not a migration.  This means that every program must be recompiled.

Plan for the go live date on V6R1M0 with our help.

  • AETS will perform a 6.1 upgrade analysis on your system.
  • Client will need to notify all software vendors of the result of the analysis reporting, showing any objects that won't convert.
  • Verification that all your software vendors are ready for V6.1 (Most vendors are at this point)
  • Make sure your current SWMA is in place with IBM
  • AETS will then perfom the upgrade in conjunction with your IT staff.  Typical upgrades will take 20 to 30 hours

Contact Russ Afton for further details.  rafton@aetradeservice.com

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